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Digital Col·lections. Conditions of Use

Citations, copyright and permissions

The Documentation Centre and Museum of the Performing Arts, Theatre Institute of Barcelona (MAE) is a cultural organization whose mission is the cultural diffusion, support to teaching and research. To fulfill this purpose it offers digitized images of their collections for public access, teaching and research.

The copyright of the works included in this website belongs to the MAE or copyright owners (authors or right holders) who have authorized the MAE to spread online these works for educational purposes and research, and therefore are duly protected under current legislation. Nevertheless, in web some content may be in the public domain, according to the rules of intellectual property rights enforcement, and therefore its use is not subject to restrictions of copyright.

The lack of information about the authors does not mean that the works are in the public domain, but they could be orphan works. In this case, the MAE will appreciate any information on the ownership of these works.

Regarding to copyrighted works, any user can access the content without charge, but for any other uses other than those listed below, – or any of the limits recognized by the law of intellectual property – has to ask permission of the owners of intellectual property rights.

Academic and Private Uses

Users may freely reproduce (printing or downloading) images of digital collections, whenever the purpose is the private, personal and free, either teaching or research purposes, and it must be named the sources of works as indicated.
If the user utilizes the work for other purposes, You may be liable for infringement of intellectual property rights.

Publications and commercial uses

To reproduce works of digital collections for uses such as electronic or printed publications, display, distribution or commercial use, users have to seek authorization from the holders of intellectual property rights or corresponding administration entity.

Service Rates

Requests for reprographic services and digital document retrieval made directly to MAE are subject to the payment of the required fees https://www.cdmae.cat/serveis/#serveis-prestec

Citation of the works of MAE

Any use of images necessarily must cite the author’s name and source of the work as follows:

© Title and Author. MAE - Documentation Center and Museum of the Performing Arts. Theatre Institute of Barcelona https://www.cdmae.cat
© Title and Author. MAE. Theatre Institute of Barcelona

Copyright © 2023. Documentation Centre and Museum of the Performing Arts. All rights reserved.
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